About Us

Who we are

We are the next legacy to crossover from this present age or generation of Out-of Home Advertising experience. Indeed, this is an herculean task but we have put in place all that is needed to succeed in this endeavour. Micheal Angelo welcomes you to an era of unimaginable possibilities. 

Micheal Angelo Media Limited believes that “impossible” is only an imagination; Our utmost desire is to give you the best in visuals, environmental friendly and state-of-the-art advertising structures

“Micheal Angelo Media Limited is set to make a statement. We will remain not just relevant but the pacesetter in this business, giving value always.”

Our clients can testify to our expertise and our target market includes: Individuals, Private Companies, Government agencies,
State Government Construction companies, Religion bodies etc.


Micheal Angelo understands the need to give prompt, expert quality and superior services to its clients. In so doing, we have
partnered with both international and local contractors to make possible our promise.

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